Waxoyl Rustproofing


Silk Mill Garage specialises in vehicle rustproofing, and underbody oil sprays. Based near Lancaster customers travel to us for car and vehicle rustproofing.

Waxoyl is a rust-prevention formula. It is used to extend the life of vehicle chassis and bodywork. It works by keeping out water and air so it does not come in contact with the bare metal. It also contains rust inhibitors to help with slowing the progress of existing rust.

Waxoyl comes in a liquid form. It is basically a suspension of waxy particles in white spirit. You can apply it with a brush or a spray and the White spirit evaporates after application leaving a dry but waxy coating on the metal.

Waxoyl is excellent at penetrating nooks and crannies in bodywork and chassis components and will creep into every space to give a great seal. Waxoyl coatings will last several years and only repairs or tops ups are necessary to maintain the coating for all but the most hard working vehicles.
Waxoyl is very good at 'self healing' as it maintains some flexibilty and never totally sets so stone chips and scrapes often seal themselves over time making it great for hard working vehicles like 4x4s and other off-road vehicles.

With a good waxoyl coating your vehicle will last much longer than without. Harsh conditions can cause rusting at an alarming rate, but with Waxoyl you know you will be protected.


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